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November and December is the time of year where young girls and boys prepare themselves for their Winter Formal dance.  However, very few know where the tradition of Winter Formal began.

It all started with a comic strip, where there was a designated date in November when unmarried women would chase down prospective bachelors in their hometowns-in hopes of marrying them.

In the story the character Sadie Hawkins was most dreaded by the town's bachelors! Which this event would usually take place a Saturday after November. This lead to the coordination of attires, and the boys asking girls out to their winter dance(s).

Homecoming Tradition September 26 2015, 0 Comments

Did you know?

Homecoming is a time for high schools, colleges and universities in the United States to celebrate their sports team and alumni? This celebration centers not only around football games, but some schools have homecoming soccer, hockey and even basketball games.
Homecoming is usually celebrated during the fall by current students and alumni who come back to campus to reunite with old friends. The activities that usually last a week include cultural events, town parades, fashion shows and fun activities in school campuses. Each day at school is a themed day; crazy hair day, twin day, and pajama day are just some examples. These activities start on Monday and end with the game and a fabulous dance!

Pep rallies, which also take place during the week, allow current students to gather and cheer on the school’s sports team.   The color guard, marching band, cheerleaders and dance teams join the celebration with their energetic performances.

The Homecoming court nominees are presented during pep rallies by the student body. Nominees are seniors chosen by their peers for their contributions to the school. The winning court consist of a King and a Queen, Prince and Princess, Duke and Duchess

Homecoming tradition origins go back to the 19th century. Schools such as Illinois, Baylor, Southwestern, and Missouri, claim that they were the first to celebrate a modern homecoming.


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